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Epidemic Location-Intelligence System (ELIS) infrastructure for the collection, centralization and analysis of epidemiological data has been established, the system is operational and data are collected from different sources for different administrative levels of the public health organization in Bosnia and Herzegovina. These data are biostatistically processed and analyzed, and the results of the analysis are reported using the developed techniques of modeling and geovisualization in ELIS.

ELIs metode EN

Instantaneous reproduction number Rt for Bosnia and Herzegovina (from the report of the first case COVID-19, March 5 to May 14, 2020) with restrictive and relaxing control measures introduced in Republic of Srpska and Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina

Using various possibilities of organization and ways of interactive presentation of data through ELIS geoportal, a detailed overview of key indicators related to the dynamics of spatial and temporal spread of infection is provided. In addition to biostatistical analysis and geovisualization of epidemiological data, appropriate techniques were applied to monitor and predict the spread of infection, and to evaluate the effectiveness of control measures taken to stop the epidemic.

ELID metode 1 en

The Susceptible – Infectious – Resistant (SIR) model for Bosnia and Herzegovina (March 4 to May 18, 2020)

In accordance with the availability of sets of epidemic data and clinical information, it is selected more methods and techniques for identifying, analyzing and predicting the trend of the spread of infection, including compartmental epidemiological models with differential equations, epi-curves diagrams and instantaneous reproductive number Rt, descriptive statistics and interactive choropleth maps for various levels of administrative units. These methods are used individually to display one or more epidemiological parameters or their combination, depending on the context of reporting the epidemic situation.

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Interactive map of Bosnia and Herzegovina - average of daily confirmed cases per 100,000 population (April 9-18, 2020)

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