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Epidemic Location Intelligence System: expert system for monitoring and prevention of  the spread COVID-19


At the end of 2019 the world became aware of the existence of a new virus from the Coronaviridae family and a specific disease - COVID-19 caused by it. In less than three months, the virus and its consequences developed into a global problem we all had to face. On March 11, 2020 the World Health Organization (WHO) declared a pandemic of COVID-19.

The Academy of Sciences and Arts of Bosnia and Herzegovina (ANUBiH) was one of the first institutions of the science system to respond to the outbreak of a pandemic by launching research projects to prevent it and mitigate the consequences for Bosnian society. At the initiative of the Committee for Microbiology and Related Disciplines, a team of scientists on a volunteer basis launched a project to establish the Epidemiological Location-Intelligence System (ELIS) and a geoportal that permanently monitors the spread of COVID-19 in Bosnia and Herzegovina.


U toku je procedura za izbor novih članova Akademije nauka i umjetnosti Bosne i Hercegovine.

U periodu od 8. do 28. novembra 2022. godine, radnim danom od 12 do 14 sati, kandidacioni materijali će biti dostupni na uvid u prostorijama Akademije nauka i umjetnosti Bosne i Hercegovine (Bistrik 7, Sarajevo).

Izborna Skupština Akademije nauka i umjetnosti Bosne i Hercegovine bit će održana u utorak 20. 12. 2022. godine.

Akademija nauka i umjetnosti Bosne i Hercegovine

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