Contents of Vol. 9, No. 1                               DOI: 10.5644/SJM.09.1.00

Andreas Decker and Pieter Moree
Coefficient convexity of divisors of 3 - 28
Motoshi Hongan and Nadeem ur Rehman
A note on the generalized Jordan triple derivations on Lie ideals in semiprime rings 29 - 36
Zheng Liu
New sharp error bounds for some corrected quadrature formulae 37 - 45
A. Aglić Aljinović and J. Peċarić
A discrete weighted Montgomery identity and Ostrowski type inequalities for functions of two variables 47 - 56
M. K. Aouf and B. A. Frasin
Certain subclass of analytic and multivalent functions defined by using a certain fractional derivative operator 57 - 70
Zinelaâbidine Latreuch and Benharrat Belaïdi
Linear differential equations with analytic coefficients of [p,q]-order in the unit disc 71 - 84
Sudip Kumar Pal, Ekrem Savas and Huseyin Cakalli
I - convergence on cone metric spaces 85 - 93
B. E. Rhoades
An extension of two results of Hardy 95 - 100
Brian Fisher
Results on the Beta function 101 - 108
Balwant Singh Thakur and Suja Varghese
Solvability of a system of nonconvex general variational inequalities 109 - 116
Ram Shankar Gupta
B. Y. Chen's inequalities for bi-slant submanifolds in cosymplectic space forms 117 - 128
Takashi Noiri and Valeriu Popa
A unified theory of weakly g-closed sets and weakly g-continuous functions 129 - 142
S. C. Arora and Sanjay Tahiliani
Slightly generalized β-continuous functions 143 - 152
Šefket Arslanagić
IN MEMORIAM - Zlatko Udoviċić (1971 - 2012) 153 - 155