Contents of Vol. 8, No. 2                               DOI: 10.5644/SJM.08.2.00

This issue is dedicated to Professor Mustafa Kulenović on the occasion of his 60th birthday

Senada Kalabušić
Happy birthday Professor Kulenović 175 - 178
Zvonko Čerin
Pencils of Euler triples, II 179 - 192
Emil Ilić-Georgijević
On the categories of paragraded groups and modules of type Δ 193 - 202
George A. Anastassiou
Fractional integral inequalities involving convexity 203 - 233
Halit Orhan, Nihat Yagmur and Murat Çaǧlar
Coefficient estimates for Sakaguchi type functions 235 - 244
Huse Fatkić and Mehmed Brkić
Strongly mixing transformations and geometric diameters 245 - 257
M. Nurkanović and Z. Nurkanović
Basins of attraction of an anti-competitive discrete rational system 259 - 272
Guy Bastien and Marc Rogalski
Level sets lemmas and unicity of critical point of invariants, tools for local stability and topological        
properties of dynamical systems
273 - 282
E.A. Grove, D. Hadley, E. Lapierre and S.W. Schultz
On the global behavior of the rational system and 283 - 292
E. Drymonis and G. Ladas
On the global character of the rational system and 293 - 309
G. Ladas, G. Lugo and F.J. Palladino
Open problems and conjectures on rational systems in three dimensions 311 - 321
Chris D. Lynd
The global character of solutions of an anti-competitive system of rational difference equations 323 - 336
Frank J. Palladino
On projective systems of rational difference equations 337 - 353
Martin Bohner and Rotchana Chieochan
Floquet theory for q-difference equations 355 - 366
Harry I. Miller and Leila Miller-Van Wieren
More on the Borwein-Ditor theorem 367 - 369
Resume of the Seventh Bosnian-Herzegovinian Mathematical Conference