Contents of Vol. 12, No. 1                                 DOI: 10.5644/SJM.12.1.00

Arthur W. Apter
Indestructibility and the Levinski property 3--16
Anthony Sofo
Polylogarithmic connections with Euler sums 17--32
J. Jakšetić, J. Pečarić and K. Smoljak Kalamir
Measure theoretic generalization of Pečarić, Mercer and Wu-Srivastava results 33--49
Sujoy Majumder
Uniqueness of meromorphic functions sharing a certain nonzero polynomial with weight 51--68
Arman H. Karapetyan
Weighted integral representations in tube domain over real unit ball 69--82
Vladimir Vladičić and Milenko Pikula
An inverse problems for Sturm-Liouville-type differential equation with a constant delay 83--88
Prem Nath and Dhiraj Kumar Singh
Some functional equations and their corresponding sum forms 89--106
Jeff Connor and Hafize Gumus
Summability matrices that preserve asymptotic equivalence for ideal convergence 107--124
H. C. Rhaly Jr.
Posinormality, coposinormality, and supraposinormality for some triangular operators 125--140