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Submission Information

Instruction to authors. The manuscripts sent for publication to Sarajevo Journal of Mathematics can not be already published or submitted at the same time to another journal. They should be sent to Editors in Chief at the address:

Preferred format of manuscripts sent for publication is PDF. They should be typed in double spacing with generous margins. Recommended length of the manuscripts should not be longer than 16 pages of A4 with font 12pt. They should have a precise and informative title, starting with an abstract of less than 150 words. The first page must contain 2010 Mathematics Subject Classification and key words and phrases. The theorems and other statements should be clearly numbered distinguishing the results of the author from any known results. The literature should be listed at the end, in alphabetical order, followed by the affiliation(s) of the author(s). Journal abbreviations used in references are accessible from zbMATH or Mathematical Review web pages. The running head proposed by the author(s) with less than 50 characters is welcome.
Upon acceptance of the paper the authors will be asked to supply a LaTeX file of their manuscript. Also the figures used in manuscript should be supplied as separate files in Postscript (name.eps). Authors are encouraged to use SJM-prepared style file (download Template-SJM.tex, Template-SJM.pdf, example.eps) in preparing their papers.



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