Contents of Vol. 7, No. 2 (2011)

This issue is dedicated to the Editorial Advisers G. Čupona, S. Kurepa and W. Rudin, the former member of Editorial Board V. Perić and the friend of our journal B. Schweizer who have passed away recently

P. V. Danchev
The number of idempotents in commutative group rings of prime characteristic 149 - 152
Emil Ilić-Georgijević and Mirjana Vuković
Sheaves of paragraded rings 153 - 161
Ghulam Farid, Kristina Krulić and Josip Pečarić
On a refinement of Hardy's inequalities via superquadratic and subquadratic functions 163 - 175
George A. Anastassiou
Right Caputo fractional Landau inequalities 177 - 183
Gradimir V. Milovanović
Summation processes and Gaussian quadratures 185 - 200
Harry I. Miller and Leila Miller-Van Wieren
Translates of sequences for some small sets 201 - 205
S. Pilipović
Analytic, real analytic and harmonic generalized functions 207 - 222
Y. Bicheng and M. Krnić
On the norm of a multidimensional Hilbert-type operator 223 - 243
Hemant Kumar Nashine
New random xed point results for generalized altering distance functions 245 - 253
Vedran Krčadinac and Ksenija Smoljak
Pedal sets of unitals in projective planes of order 9 and 16 255 - 264
V. Volenec, J. Beban-Brkić and M. Šimić
The cyclic quadrangle in the isotropic plane 265 - 275
Svjetlana Terzić
On real cohomology generators of compact homogeneous spaces 277 - 287
N. Rajesh and Z. Salleh
New notions via b-open sets 289 - 296
C. K. Basu and B. M. Uzzal Afsan
Pω-closedness and its generalization with respect to a grill 297 - 309
Resume of the Sixth Bosnian-Herzegovinian Mathematical Conference