Contents of Vol.4, No.2 (2008)

M. A. Charsooghi, Y. Azizi, M. Hassani and L. Mollazadeh-Beidokhti
On a result of Hardy and Ramanujan
Takao Komatsu
More on Hurwitz and Tasoev continued fractions
S. Ebrahimi Atani and A. Yousefian Darani
Some remarks on primal submodules
Chu Yuming, Zhang Xiaoming and Tang Xiaomin
An upper bound estimate for H. Alzer's integral inequality
Tuğba Gencel and Sibel Yalçin
A special class of harmonic univalent functions
Mehmet Zeki Sarikaya and Hüseyin Yildirim
On a Sobolev type theorem for the generalized Riesz potential generated by the generalized shift operator on Morrey space
Yuji Liu and Xingyuan Liu
Three positive periodic solutions of nonlinear functional difference equations
Alica Miller
Duality between global sections and suspensions
E.M. Elabbasy, H. El-Metwally and E.M. Elsayed
On the difference equation xn+1 = ax2 n+bxn-1xn-k / cx2 n+dxn-1xn-k
B. Fisher and T. Kraiweeradechachai
On the composition of the distributions Xג + lnm x+ and x+ -1/ג
Larry Downey and Boon W. Ong
Extremal vectors for a class of operators
Javid Ali and M. Imdad
An implicit function implies several contraction conditions
Resume of the Third Bosnian-Herzegovinian Mathematical Conference

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