Contents of  Vol. 13, No. 2                                 DOI: 10.5644/SJM.13.2.00

Mirjana Vukoviċ and Mirna Džamonja
Obituary Academician Fikret Vajzoviċ 1928-2017 133 - 140
Saharon Shelah

Preserving old $([\omega^{\aleph_0},\supseteq^*])$ is proper

141 - 154
Daniel Abraham Romano
Strongly extensional homomorphism of implicative semigroups with apartness 155 - 162
Feng-Zhen Zhao

The log-behavior of the sequence for the partial sum of a log-convex sequence

163 - 178
Zvonko Čerin
Areas of polygons with coordinates of vertices from Horadam and Lucas numbers 179 - 188
Yaşar Polatoǧlu, Melike Aydoǧan and Oya Mer
Relationship between the Goldberg spectrum and the B-Fredholm spectra 189 - 196
Elmir Čatrnja and Milenko Pikula

An inverse problem for Sturm-Liouville type differential equation with a constant delay

197 - 205
Tuǧba Yurdakadim, Emre Taş and Özlem Girgin Atlihan
Summation process of convolution operators for multivariables 207 - 216
Sadulla Z. Jafarov
Approximation by means of Fourier trigonometric approximation in weighted Lebesgue spaces 217 - 226
Dennis Nemzer
Quasi-Asymptotic Behavior at the Origin of Tempered Operators 227 - 237